How To Get a Coinbase Wallet? Guidance Helpline

 The How To Get a Coinbase Wallet? is one of the mobile cryptocurrencies that makes it much easier for you to store, send and receive ERC-20 tokens based on Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Ether Classic and Ethereum.

The distinctive key feature of this wallet is a simple username for trading and excellent support for decentralized applications via the DApp browser. Similar to this, there are many interesting things in this wallet.

Every day, a new user downloads and sets up the Coinbase wallet on their mobile. How To Get a Coinbase Wallet? If you want to know in depth this wallet and how to obtain it, read the next section.

Need for cryptocurrency wallet

Today, everyone has a different PayPal access it to make the purchase or send/receive payments from others. Similarly, the cryptocurrency wallet offers the same functionality. However, it has some differences.

The cryptographic wallet is the only destination to perform all transactions securely. Minimizes a lot of inconvenience involved in the transaction. How To Get a Coinbase Wallet? It also gives you peace of mind as your coins are stored securely. Because of these reasons, a cryptographic wallet becomes mandatory for transactions.

Today, many cryptocurrency users give preference to the Coinbase wallet due to its impeccable performance and security. This wallet is completely for cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and more. However, it is not compatible with currencies including EUR and USD.

To use your wallet, you never need a acts as a brokerage, which stores its cryptography. On the other hand, the wallet gives you complete and direct control over your cryptographic assets.

Powerful coinbase wallet features

Take a look at the powerful and useful features of the Coinbase wallet. transactions and keep your cryptographic assets more secure. You will have control of your private keys that are stored only on your mobile with the help of Secure Element Technology. How To Get a Coinbase Wallet? It means you don’t have to worry about wallet security at any time

Gives access to decentralized applications (DApps) Web 3 powered by Ethereum smart contracts. It also helps you find and access popular DApps.

Cryptographic payment is extremely secure and easier. It helps users send cryptocurrency payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Provides the option to back up private keys to the cloud. Yes! You can back up your wallet’s private keys to Google Drive to avoid losing funds every time you lose your device or even misplace your recovery phrase.

It is extremely easier to connect your and transfer cryptocurrencies to your own custody. Add popular and other collectible ERC20 tokens to your wallet automatically

Download and set up your wallet

If you want to do something in decentralized finance, it is mandatory to have a wallet in the first place. With this wallet, you can send, receive and store cryptocurrencies. Please refer carefully to the next section to learn how to get started.

Regardless of the type of device you have, go to the app store and download your Coinbase wallet.

After the application is complete, you must open it. You will now be prompted to create a new wallet or access the existing wallet.

If you are a new user, you need to create a new wallet. Then tap accept the legal conditions.

Now it’s time to choose the Coinbase username. It’s a reliable way to make sending and receiving money easier and faster. How To Get a Coinbase Wallet?

Set up a strong password to protect your account. Note that you must write the seed phrase on the paper.

Reasons to write the seed phrase

Are you thinking why write and keep the opening sentence safer? Remember that the seed phrase is nothing more than the 12 words that must be kept safe from the whole world. It gives you instant access to your coins stored in your wallet. When someone gets the initial phrase from their wallet, they also get access to their wallet. It means anything can happen to your wallet. How To Get a Coinbase Wallet?

If you want to see your initial phrase, navigate to the settings by pressing the gear icon inside the wallet exactly at the bottom. After that, look for the recovery phrase that shows your initial phrase. Now it’s time to choose the option at the bottom to make a backup manually. This way, you can write your seed phrase using pencil and paper. You have to back up these 12-word keys in the cloud frequently. Never share this key with anyone in any situation.

With the help of initial phrases, you can restore your wallet and keep it safer. Never take the screenshot of these keys when your wallet displays it on the screen. Do not email it yourself to store it securely. Hackers are waiting for a loophole to find these words and hack your email quickly. Keeping the initial phrase record on paper is the only way to make it extremely safe and secure.

Open your wallet on your mobile and then choose the receive option. Then look for the specific cryptography in the list of cryptocurrencies. It will show your public address to receive the cryptography in your wallet. It is extremely easier and safer to share this with others so they know how to send cryptocurrencies. Tap share and select the copy to copy this long alphanumeric address to your device’s clipboard for easy access. How To Get a Coinbase Wallet?

Now it’s time to head to your usual Coinbase website or app. Tap the wallet and press the specific currency. In the top right, you will find the paper airplane button. It helps you send the cryptocurrency from Always choose the amount number, especially when using the new address. Then paste the long alphanumeric address, which you copied from your wallet into the “to” field, and then tap click.

You will then be directed to the confirmation page, which includes the small network rate. You must pay the amount and validate your transactions. Finally, press Confirm Send to send the cryptography. Depending on the network at the time you make the transaction, the transaction speed is determined. However, it usually takes 2 to 5 minutes. As soon as you witness the cryptography you send in your wallet, you can securely access this public address to make more transactions. How To Get a Coinbase Wallet?

Then, you have set up your Coinbase wallet successfully and even made the trial transaction. It means you can send and receive the cryptocurrency at any time.

Is it easier to transact?

Yes, it is extremely easy to send and receive cryptocurrencies through the Coinbase wallet. Users do not need to be technically strong to use this wallet. Anyone who wants to use the cryptocurrency makes use of this wallet and performs all kinds of transactions without facing any hassle. The whole process of making and receiving payments is simple.

When it comes to sending cryptography, select the cryptocurrency you want, the amount you want to send and choose the recipient. You can scan the QR code or enter the long alphanumeric address to send the cryptography to the specific address. Because the wallet has its own username system, use it and perform a username search to choose its recipient.

Like sending, receiving the cryptocurrency is extremely simple. Again, you must choose the cryptocurrency you want to receive from the list of available options. To share your address, you can use the address or QR code. Another Coinbase wallet user can also enter their username only to send the coins. In some time, your wallet will be added with specific coins.

Coinbase wallet security

The Coinbase wallet is the individual wallet that stores the private key on your device. It means the key is as secure as your phone. As mentioned above, it uses Secure Element technology to protect private keys on your mobile. You can even access fingerprints to protect private keys. It makes hacking the key very impossible. Similarly, set the auto-lock timeout option.

All these features make hackers feel frustrated and stay away from yours. It means the security of your Coinbase wallet is top notch. Don’t forget to copy the seed phrase you get at the time of account setup. It’s the only way to access your wallet whenever there’s a problem with your mobile phone. It acts like a lifeguard and keeps you on the safest line regardless of the situation. As the wallet provides great security for cryptocurrency owners, they never think about investing in the dedicated hardware wallet.

Contact customer service

Having trouble getting and accessing your Coinbase wallet? Can’t transact? Regardless of the issues and inconveniences you face, you can contact customer service anytime, anywhere. It helps you get rid of the problems you face. In addition, support experts show you the exact way to fix the problem and enjoy the benefits of the Coinbase wallet.

You can usually contact Coinbase support via mobile phone, email, and Twitter. Depending on your requirements, you can choose any of the options. Describe your problem clearly so that experts understand what you are currently going through and suggest the right solution. Therefore, it will come out of trouble in no time. It also greatly minimizes headaches and problems. How To Get a Coinbase Wallet?

Keep in mind that many scams revolve around you with the fake support number. You should stay away from them because they collect confidential details from your wallet and steal all the coins. You must make sure you arrive at the official Coinbase site and get your Support Number, Email and Twitter ID to contact them. It is strongly recommended to avoid third-party support. Never share your wallet details unnecessarily with anyone.


Whenever it comes to sending or receiving cryptocurrencies, the Coinbase wallet does the best job and keeps the user’s data and assets more secure. With the elegant user interface and excellent security feature, it meets the needs of all types of encryption users worldwide. It has the ability to send and receive cryptocurrencies using a simple username. It speeds up the whole process. Like other wallets, there are also some flaws and problems here. How To Get a Coinbase Wallet?

However, you can fix them by contacting customer service. Since the entire wallet is easy to understand and use by people, you can download it to your device and use it without hesitation. In general, the Coinbase wallet acts as the best entry point and allows you to store your secure cryptography for a long time.


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